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Dear Book Clubs,

I would love to join your discussion when you choose any of the Keye Street novels as your book club read. Don’t worry; I’m not that neighbor that pops in without calling first. No one likes the pop-in.

Do feel free to contact me with your discussion schedule. If I’m in the neighborhood, I’d love to drop by. If not, I’d be happy to pick up the phone and ring in. If you have Skype capabilities we can have a Skype date. Can’t think of anything more fun than speaking to a group of book-loving friends.

According to the PAZ Survey of Book Clubs, there are 5.2 million book club readers in the United States. How thrilling is that? The support you offer to writers is invaluable, and so appreciated.

Thank you so much for loving books and for sharing your passion for them with other clubs, and with friends and family. Whatever writers say about why they write, the real reason is simple: because of readers like you.

Warm Regards,

Amanda Kyle Williams

Photo credit "Kaylynn Gilstrap Photography"